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What is Mock Stock Exchange?
A game of luck, skill and strategy.
Here is a game, modelled on stock exchanges the world over, taking you through the main moves of share transactions. The first and only game on the net to capture the excitement of making money on the stock market, and its fun to play.

Many other aspects are also added, which are not commonly used in the real stock market to make the game more interesting, and to give various twists and turns.

If you have never known what a share is, and have only wondered how everybody buys shares and makes riches, here is just the game to help you get started. No two games will ever be the same, as you amend your tactics to suit the changing share prices of the companies, depending on the events, which play on for various days.

You can play against the smartest of investors and make your millions.

Summary of the game:
You buy / sell / short sell / buyback shares in various companies. The up and down price movements are based on the price event cards drawn for each player. As a player you also have your personal event cards, on which you base your decision to buy / sell / short sell / buyback shares, and build your wealth. These cards are visible only to you and change every day.

Watching the fluctuating values of your cash held, and up and down movements of shares prices, there are opportunities to have rights and bonus issues, reverse prices and many other picture cards to play with.

So trade your stocks right away and be a billionaire.

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Mock Stock Exchange: "A game where you mock at the stock exchange ... or does it make a mockery of you?"
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